Subwoofers. The bass. The loudness. The glory. The most obnoxious part in the body, and additionally, one of the very crucial.

You are up to speed, in case you have read my post about loudspeakers. For those who have not (and do not understand anything about speakers or subwoofers), read it here. Subwoofers copy the best frequencies of the sound spectrum, AKA bass. They may be crucial to both SPL and SQ systems, but also for different reasons. Let us take a look now... For SQ systems: Efficiently copy the best frequencies making the music sound strong and complete. Instruments that play with lower frequencies like synthesizers, drums and electric organs will sound strong and more realistic using a car audio subwoofer installed. For SPL systems: They have been the favorite speaker to make a whole lotta sound because subwoofers are loud. Additionally, because our ears are much less sensitive to reduce frequencies we want the excess bass for the device to sound balanced. What do I've to check for to locate a woofer that is great? I will let you know! Power Management: The same as with every other component in a stereo system, power handling is not unimportant for subwoofers at the same time. Previously, within my post about loudspeakers, I discussed how it is possible to send them more power to raise their volume, but reduce the distortion. Exactly the same holds true of subwoofers, but be cautious! It is simple to overdo it, and blow your subwoofers since lower frequency distortion is more challenging to perceive. Anyhow, with that said, it's clever to get an amp that will put out just what your subwoofers were created to take, but take it easy!