There are many lenders that in case of late repayment of the loan by the customer make it impossible for the customer to live peaceful. Even though there are many rules and regulations regarding the use of debt collection service, the lenders try to use unlawful ways of recovering money from the debtors.

The methods used by the debt collectors for recovering money The debt recovery agency may use several methods to recover the money that you owe such as Threatening The debt recovery service may either come to your home or call you up on phone to threaten you of the consequences that you may face if you do no return the money that you have borrowed. This could be in the late hours of the night or in the wee hours. Abuse They could use abusive language or inflict racial comments on you for being late in the repayment of the loan. Use of force They may use force to scare you into giving back the money that you borrowed. They can cause some disruption in front of your home or in your home when they visit you so that you get sacred and repay the loan. Embarrassment They may even come to your office and cause embarrassment in front of your colleagues or make public display of what you have borrowed and owe to them. Additional fees They may even try to charge you with additional fees or some extra charges for being late in the repayment of the total sum that you had borrowed. The credit collection service is however not allowed officially and you can choose to ask them to stop doing all that and write to the lender about it. Then you can make a formal complaint to the police regarding the foul methods being adopted by the debt collectors.