Before using the gravity bong you need to know how to use gravity bong The usage largely depend on the way to you inhale the smoke. You should not inhale directly from the bottom of the bucket. The hits must be taken from the top and you have to open the seal. The seal includes the bottle cap or any other thing, which you use to tighten the bucket. After removing the cap you need to inhale the whole smoke in one breath to get yourself high.

How to make bucket gravity bong?

• You require two bottles one should be larger than the other one. Then you require an aluminium foil and needle. • First of all you should cut away the bottom of the smaller bottle keeping in mind the length so that you get more amount of smoke. • Then you need to cut the top portion of the larger bottle and check the length so that the smaller one fits well. • Now pour 3/4th water in the larger bottle and keep the smaller one inside it so that it is also filled with water.

By following the above steps you will complete making the bucket gravity bong. Now you need to cover the top portion of the smaller bottle with aluminium foil and make few holes with the needle. After this you need to put the weeds inside the foil and light them. Once you start lighting the weeds simultaneously you need to slowly raise the smaller bottle. On raising the bottle the smoke goes inside due to the partial vacuum created and low pressure. Now you need to remove the foil and start inhaling the smoke while lowering the bottle.

Advantages of bucket bong:

• In this type of gravity bong you do not have to fill the bucket with water more than once unlike the waterfall one. •

Thus you do not require to spent time on pouring water after each and every hit, which is really disturbing. Thus going through the user guide will help you a lot.