Thermal Socks or merino wool socks are the type of thick socks which are natural and mostly worn during the winter season, and this is the recommendation of every elder of the family. Wearing the thermal socks is very crucial for health and also it provides comfort.

Cotton socks are mostly used, but it does not provide comfort during winters, as they do not protect the feet from cold and also they does not wick sweat, only absorb it. In the winters, wet feet will lead to cold feet and over a period of time, the cold feet will lead to illnesses. Hence, cotton socks are very much comfortable for use during summers, as the wet feet will dry up easily due to heat. The best socks used during winter should be thermal socks and socks made up of wool. The properties of wool are that even if it is wet due to sweat, it does not leave its insulating property. However, socks made up of wool and nylon or spandex will provide extra strength, wicking properties and comfort. Thick socks should be long that provides comfort and should possess wicking properties. This kind of thick and thermal socks and merino wool socks are also used for activities utilizing high-impact that need a lot of force and pressure on lower body such as running. The advantages of these socks, unlike cotton socks, is that they prevent scratches and bruises. Another benefit is that they tighten the ankles enabling the socks to stay in their correct position. Further, wicking is the essential properties which are present in the thick socks and absent in the thin socks. Thermal socks are also useful during hiking as they will keep you warm and its insulation and wicking property will keep the legs warm even if there is wetness.