bully sticks are made of pure bull pizzle. These are completely natural and made of pure muscle. They do not have any chemicals, artificial flavorings or colorings. As they are made of pure muscle, they are very good sources of protein, even though they do not contain much fat. They however are high and rich in calories. Bully sticks offer between 9 – 29 calories per inch of the meat and the calorie intake is mainly from protein. The breakdown of this consists of 80-85% of crude protein, around 1-2% of fat, 1% of crude fiber, 2% of crude ash, 0.8% of calcium, 0.4% of phosphorous and 15% of moisture.

These should be given in moderation to the pets due to the high calorific count that is contained. If it is over consumed, it could lead to vomiting and diarrhea. Even though these are completely digestible and do not form blockages in the stomach of the animal. They also do not splinter and so are safe as well. Bully sticks in addition to nutritional value are good for dental problems. They help in cleaning of the teeth and keep periodontal diseases away. They help in tackling of tartar and plaque and they gently massage the gums. This prevents inflammation as well as tooth decay, loosening of the teeth and bleeding of the teeth. This prevents the dogs from developing gingivitis too. These contain various trace minerals and they contain taurine as well. Taurine is an amino acid which keeps the pet healthy. Bully sticks are a prefect choice for dogs as it keeps them busy chewing for a long time, helps with oral health and it supplements the calorie intake of the animal. Even animals that are obese can be given bully sticks as they do not contain much fat content.