There are several types of single blade razor out there. This is exactly why you might get confused and overwhelm very easily. Not all razors will be suitable for you and getting for yourself a razor that suits you particularly is not a very difficult task. This article will provide you with certain guidelines, which will help you to choose that appropriate one blade razor that will be best, suited for you and will yield you with the best result for your business.

Use the standard 0.009 inches of single blade razor Are you someone who doesn’t use razors regularly and is not much used to it? Well, in that case, it is advisable that you go for a razor that is basic and popular. You can always try a razor that is a do it all and it should have a single and uncoated blade of 0.009 inches. It is always advised that you should choose a blade that is constructed or made from strong carbon steel and there is also a backing to it made up of aluminum. Thus this is one of the most consistent combinations when it comes to blades with single edges where the quality of the blade is high and the price of the blade is quite affordable and suitable. Have a razor, which has aluminum back Are you someone who is looking for a blade that has the shape of a basic blade and also performs the functions of a basic blade but the cut, which it has, is even sharper? The blades of this particular razor are also 0.009 inches and are constructed of carbon steel. The difference lies in the fact that these razors are made to go through the honing process two times so that the single blade safety razor is sharper and more effective.