If you like to play live poker in a casino, you should try poker online for a better convenience. Playing poker online has several advantages over playing it live in a casino. There are many disadvantages of live poker such as you have to carry a large amount of cash with you and your time is waste in travelling to the casino. Online poker is like a virtual game. On other hand live poker is like a real game. So, playing poker online can offer several benefits over live poker, if you go for playing poker in a casino. Some of the main advantages of online poker over live poker are discussed here.

It has more convenience If you play poker offline, then you need to travel to a place or even wait for game because of queue and also you have to carry a large cash amount with you which can be inconvenient sometimes. But, by playing online poker these drawbacks of live poker can be eliminated because, today most of us have the facility of Internet near to us. We don’t have to waste our precise time in travelling. We can enjoy poker at our house. Also, there is no binding of time for us. Also, if you play online poker at home, you can do lots of other things like you can watch television, cook dinner, even you can listen to music. Also you can allow using your phone at home. The speed of online poker is a major advantage over a live poker game. In online poker you can select more games.

In a casino, you would find limited number of games for selection. For playing poker online give you the facility to choose a game from number of games available online. You are allowed to search around for the game that you want to play. Game selection can done easily while playing online poker.