The time and commitment that Kim Dao puts into everything she does is what has made her a sensation in the blogging and vlogging world. Most times, what Kim does is to make sure she is always showing her fans and followers more and given them something new every time there is a post of video on her channel. Due to this, followers of Kim always expect another exciting video from her whenever they check and realize that there is a new video. Kim has been the founder of the blog she runs for some years now earned a huge following online via social media sites particularly.

Kim’s popularity moves beyond the posts that she puts on her blog alone and also her interactions had on social media. It is true that she began with just her blog and was just posting pictures of her time in Japan in 2011. However, that changed when she realized she was doing others a lot of good with the information she provided on her website. Currently, she has had so many videos on makeup created with specific brands attached to it. Yes. So, for those who need makeup advice and love the way Kim Dao looks, and how she always looks elegant with makeup on, you can check some of her videos. When you decide to watch videos of Kimdao, you will realize that the information offered in these videos is more practical and also that she has these videos made in a way to cut across all borders and also to reach out to all men and women. Due to how busy she gets as the days go by, she never takes the questions of her followers for granted. Kim makes sure, she interacts with them on her sites and makes sure all of their concerns, which she can handle through the right guidelines are put in place.