Have you ever seen the glow of a blue light through your dental visits? People often wonder whether it is dangerous or not and what this light is for used for. The blue light is known as a curing light for placing white fills, and it can be used. The curing light is a blue light that is very powerful. It a UV Curing Light or not a laser therefore it is going to not cause any harm to your teeth or gums. The single risk is in the event you look straight at the light for a long time. Similar to how your eyes will damage should you consider the sun for a long time. Helpers and dentists are informed not to go through the light for long stretches of time.

You will find two kinds of dental curing light used by dentists. There exists an LED curing light and a halogen curing light. Most modern curing lights are such as the halogen curing lights do LED as they tend not to overheat. The single risk with the halogen light is the fact that the heat it generates could possibly damage the pulp of the soft tissues or the tooth in the mouth. Although this really is possible, it's hardly likely. Most of dentists use today LED Curing Light. Exactly what Does The Orange Shield Do? The shield that is orange is a filter in order for helper and your dentist can nevertheless look without the powerful blue light damaging their eyes in the mouth area. The light is fine to look at for several seconds but it is nasty for dental staff to look at for a long time.