The pellet is a type of biofuel which is derived from organic matter which has been compressed. The pellets can be derived from different kinds of wastes such as the industrial waste or food waste. The wood pellets are the most commonly type of fuel being used. These wooden pellets are actually derived from the saw dust. Also the pellets can be got from lumberjack activities as well as making of the different wood products. The things derived from different plant matters such as tree shells and branches also constitute the bio fuel. There is also a kind of bio fuel completely black in color and has been derived from the coal power plants and resemble the actual hard coal.

Category Different pellets fall under different categories. This categorization is made according to the amount of moisture contained in the coal as well as the amount of ash present. The different pellets can be used for different purposes such as heating up homes, offices as well as cooking. The different pellets are quite dense in nature and hence when they undergo combustion, they produce the heat and energy quite efficiently. The moisture content in the pellet is also usually quite low. Pellet The shape and size of the pellet, is very regular in nature. Hence the small pellet size ensures that they can burn quite easily and efficiently. The pellets can also be stored in a compact fashion hence they can be transported over really long distances. They will function quite efficiently for solving your needs. Different kinds of pellet stoves as well as furnaces have been brought about in the market for certain period of time. The increase in costs of fossil fuels in the recent times has only made the pellet a more relevant form of energy producer.