Movies are a form of entertainment that has been around for about two centuries. In earlier times, stories were told as live shows, with the advent of a motion picture, the face of the movie industry changed forever. The feats that can be achieved in modern films would have been unfathomable decades ago. With groundbreaking achievements is a sound effect, editing, cinematography and graphics, movies are a marvel to behold. Such incredible feats can only be achieved in a multibillion-dollar industry and Hollywood is one such industry. Hollywood is a major driving force of the American economy; the reason can be seen is sales of movie tickets, taxes, ads, and promotions. The highest grosser in the movie industries have come in form of franchises. At the mention of movie franchises, one of the first names that pops in the head are the star wars franchise which transverses decades of brilliance and has generated a powerful following.

The franchise was released for the first time about three decades ago and has gained popularity amongst sci-fi, fantasy and adventure buffs. The trilogy is one of the most successful and highest earning movies in film history. As of today, there are eight parts to this epic franchise with a new installment set to be released in the year 2017. The Star wars also called the force awakens was the seventh installment of the franchise released to critical acclaim and shattered several box office records. The force awakens is the highest grossing of all the eight installments made till date. The achievements of the force awaken presents little surprise with an extraordinary ensemble of cast and crew. Oscar winner Lupita Nong'o and a screen legend Harrison Ford are some of the stars of this star wars film. Other parts of the franchise have been met with considerable success like rogue one, but none matches the success of the seventh part. A franchise as good deserved an equaling amazing game to have fun and relax. Amazing is what can be found in the game adaptation of the franchise. There are three major games that are adaptations of the franchise and one of these games is star wars battlefront. It is an action packed game with great graphics and can be played by a single player or in a multiplayer mode. These features make it a must-have for every gamer out there.