Before you employ a cleaning service like Chapel Hill cleaning services you can openly ask them certain things, so that you are ensured about the safety of your house and also so that you get good service.

• Ask the cleaning service if they would give you a satisfaction guarantee. You should have an open communication system with them so that your cleaning needs are met. You should also be able to give them feedback or suggestions. • You need to find out what is the general way that they enter your house while you are not there. One option is that you could leave the key under the mat and ask them to leave it inside after they’re finished. Or you can grant them access to your keypad. In fact, you could even choose to be home when they come in. Whatever method is chosen you need to be comfortable with that. • If you have pets, it would be best that you introduce them, so that the pet as well as the house cleaners in Durham Chapel Hill are comfortable with each other. Another option is that you could lock up your pet for that one day. Or ask them to let the pet out in a safe environment and then let them back in once they finish with their job. Find out in case there is any additional fee due to the pet. • Ask the Chapel Hill house cleaning service or any other company that you may have chosen what exactly they would undertake during their routine cleaning. If there is anything that you need particularly done, you need to inform them. • Ensure that the company is reliable and have been around for a while, including their employees. • It is also recommended that you get all your agreements in writing. Else it might lead to disputes or disagreements in the future.