If you ask any online gambler whether he finds this type of gambling safe, he will most probably say yes, especially if he is acquainted with online casinos that accept paypal . The introduction of payments via PayPal has made online gambling a lot safer and a lot more reliable in comparison to the initial years of online gambling. Many online casinos offer the feature of making deposits and withdrawals with the help of PayPal making it easier for the gamblers. Things have been running quite smoothly ever since this attractive feature came into being.

In 2016, PayPal split up from eBay officially and hence we are expecting some big changes in the coming year. But do not get worried, these changes will not affect your hobby of gambling online in any negative manner. One of the main reasons why we think so is PayPal’s re-entry into the business of online gambling in the United States. Even though this is a tentative step and not all website allow you to use PayPal as freely as you may like, this is definitely a positive step in the direction of better online transactions. Great news is that PayPal has officially partnered up with VISA in 2016 making their ties much closer. This move has brought PayPal into offline checkouts and this is great news. This move refers to the keenness shown by PayPal in spreading its roots to a wider area. All these facts are undoubtedly good news for all online gamblers. In 2017, you can expect things to flow more smoothly, making it much easier to make payments. Also, you can expect more and more casinos to allow deposits as well as withdrawals as opposed to the situation today.