A regular massage helps you de-stress, relax or address any tension areas or pain. The aim of a prenatal massage is quite the same. However, it is the approach towards the massage that is different. Pregnant women might have some extra issues than a regular person. This could be lower back or hip pain due to the increasing weight that is added mainly to the front of the body. They might have digestive or breathing issues as the organs are basically being crowded in the abdominal cavity. Also upper back issues due to increasing size of the breasts. To address all these issues a Pregnancy Massage would be extremely helpful.

As opposed to a regular massage, the following is done in a prenatal massage – Once the first trimester is crossed, the professionals do not make the lady in the face down or prone position. This would put unnecessary pressure on the abdomen and might stress uterine ligaments. Depending on which week is going on, they briefly work with the lady on her back and shift to the left side. Later they move to a semi reclined position. This is done to avoid any compression to the vena cava which might lead to low maternal blood pressure or decreased circulation to the mother as well as baby. Most of the massage is done in side lying positions and propped with soft pillows for comfort. In a regular massage the masseuse applies pointed pressure in several pressure points. However, in a pregnant woman certain areas are avoided. These are - the leg insides, abdomen and also some shiatsu or reflexive points which help in uterine contractions. Having said this, the stomach can be massaged gently to help the mother and baby. Pregnancy Care Centers usually give you a choice, whether you would like the stomach massaged or not and also if you want specific work in some areas or not.