Toilet installment in an above ground toilet is an easy and clear-cut job. It requires hardly any tools, a brand new flange and bolts, and of course, the rear outlet toilet. The worst case scenario is the floor flange is rotted through and needs to be replaced. In the event the floor is in good repair, this job adds merely a touch of labor and time to the endeavor, together with the purchase of a fresh floor flange.

A more complex endeavor is cellar setup. This job calls for a unique toilet that's attached to a pump and macerates sewage before it pushes it up to the principal sewage line. To get a basement toilet installation, you may usually buy a rear outlet toilet. With this particular toilet, waste needs to be evacuated from the bowl by means of a rear outlet and to the macerator where solid wastes are liquefied by motor driven whirling blades. With an average toilet installation, the most expensive item you will buy is the toilet itself. The parts for the newest toilet are a minimal expense, and that is true whether you buy a functional unit that costs less than $150 or a $500 designer toilet. Buying a unit for a cellar setup with a pump and macerator will definitely cost significantly more. The great news is the fact that these cellar units usually are sold as one bundle that features the macerator and the toilet. Despite the fact that you will be charged several hundred more for the cellar toilet installation, you can avoid spending cash by selecting to install it yourself.