It is easy to find out if someone is married in today’s world. People normally want to find out through online marriage records search if the person they are interested in is already married. They also want to lookup marriage records if they have fallen in love with a person and want to know if he or she is the one for them and that they are not already married.

How to find marriage records online is not at all hard, however what you should do in order to ascertain if the person is not married is: a) Look for signs of the wedding ring tan line. The left finger should be checked to see if it has tan lines or it has indentations of a ring on it. If it is there, it indicates that the person is married and has recently removed his or her wedding ring. However, what one must know is that this could also indicate that the person has recently been separated or divorced. b) Another indicator is to check what car the person drives. If it is an SUV, a minivan or a station wagon, it indicates the person is a family man. c) Most single guys usually either cook themselves or else they eat out a lot. In order to check you can ask him for recipes or what he cooked or even places where you can eat out. d) A sure way to check the marital status is to check how they spend the time they have when they are free. If they hang out a lot with friends or siblings or cousins, it usually indicates they are single. e) You should pay attention to how they socialize. Those who are married usually don’t have the independence to go out on a whim.