He was born on 1947.he has crossed 60.He has a great wealth of $1 Billion. He earns a lot, you can visit about on this link http://net-worths.org/thomas-barrack-net-worth/ . His wealth is amazing, as we know. He has ranked 823rd among richest person in the whole world in Sep 2011. In addition, he was the 374th person in the US. Nevertheless, he is no longer a billionaire. His wife name is Rachelle Barrack. He has four children. He has been a great father and a great husband.

He is an investor of American private equity real estate. He is a founder of colony capital. He set up his company in 1991. He works as a chief executive officer for colony capital. He has a great potential of working. He has been a hardworking man. He has done his graduation from university of southern California. He did BA in 1969. He is a Trustee at University of Southern California. He did his first job was at law firm. Then he worked in Saudi Arabia in Fluor Company. Then he learnt Arabic. In addition, he has a good knowledge of Arabic. He did many good things in his career you can read about him by the link. When he became the richest personality then many people searched about him on search engine. He has to pay a high income tax as if we know he has a great wealth. He is a Trump's supporter. As we know trump is the president of united state. Trump is the first who does not belong to politics before. He supported trump in republican national convention. By his effort trump won. Therefore, by this we can see effort can make anything possible.
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