Through , you will see that Oliver Stone has been a champion producer and director of Hollywood. During his heydays he has simply ruled Hollywood. Several hit films come under his belt including Platoon as well as Scarface. He was born in the year 1946 in New York. After doing his duties in the Vietnam War, he went to study films under the tutorage of Martin Scorsese. It was in the year 1974 that Stone got the opportunity to direct his first film. On the course of his long career as a director and producer, Stone has always managed to grab eyeballs.

Creative Right from his youth, Oliver Stone began to give glimpses of his creativity. He often even wrote different plays to be enacted for the family. In the year 1964 Stone was attending Yale for a brief period of time. He went to give his services in Vietnam later on and also got on with the writing of his novels. At the end of the war, Olive Stone got more and more inclined towards film making. After completing his graduation, he had to do various odd jobs to make ends meet for him. You will find in how he grew up to be the great man that he is today. Famous The screenplay for the film Midnight Express got him his first and true breakthrough. It also provided him with an Academy Award. The year 1986 was really good for Oliver Stone. His war dramas are still highly regarded.
Following this were a series of hit films bordering on controversy including Wall Street. Michael Douglas even won an Oscar for it. Biopics were also clearly depicted by this director including the films The Doors. Through you will find how colossal figure he is in Hollywood.