Before entering into day trading you should follow some strategies like: Find out an area where demand and supply mismatch is high and take it as your base stock or entry: In some market there is a huge mismatch in supply and demand .when there is huge supply, but demand is not there the price decreases drastically. And when the demand is higher than supply, the price increases.

When you are about start trading, you must have the clear idea about the area where demand and supply are not equal. For this, one could take the help of past chart and current status of different companies Always set definite price targets before any day trading:
Before buying share set a gain and loss target which is acceptable for you. They stick to your decision search stocks not select by randomly. Don’t afraid of losing: Be a risk taker and don’t afraid to take a bold step if your analysis is right. So for this, you have to understand proper risk reward ratio at least in 3:1 ratio. This led you to win big and lose small strategies. After gaining some experience, you may increase your risk-reward ratio to 5:1. Be patient and disciplined: Don’t be so hurry to buy a share. Set a day trading strategies. It is found that most of the successful traders never make trading regularly. They are always in search of a definite opportunity. Where loss chance is negligible. If they don’t find any stock which fulfils their expectation than they never buy on that day. That is much better taking an unwanted risk against your mindset. Smartly plan your trade rather trade your plan.
Like patient discipline, is must need during any invest. One need a good trading plan and stick to it in any situation. If you are not trading on your own than outside thinking and ideas, become your enemy in trading. Greediness helps you to stay in longer time where fear let you down very early. In a day as well swing trading discipline is most important during trading.