Malaysia is a country situated in East Asia. It had the right of legal gambling in casinos. Only five cities-Genting Highlands, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and Penang in Malaysia have the rightto legal gambling facilities. Casinos, horseracing tracks, sports betting parlors are famous available gambling. Kuala Lumpur is the largest gambling city in Malaysia with legal gambling facilities. Resort World Genting located in Genting Highlands is the largest, and well-known casino Malaysia .426 table games, 3140 gaming and video poker machines are available there.

Beneficial for the economic condition of the country: Some peoples have the point of view that there are so many benefits of online casino Malaysia. First of all, it provides the opportunity for around 1000 jobs in the casino.The government also expect to get average tax revenue from legal casinos. The brightness of casinos attracts the tourist from all around the world which is very helpful for the business of country’s tourist industries. Just because of legal casinos underground activities of gamblers can be hampered. The gamblers attract towards the legal casinos to fulfill their needs and escape by the police raids. Casinos are the great source of relaxing and enjoyment in the country. The casinos create a lot of problems for peoples: Everything has its positive side as well as a negative side; likewise, casinos create so many social problems ascrime and bankruptcy including family violence. Many people in Singapore attract for gambling because of the fact that legal gambling and become addicted to tithe economically well off individuals have the right to open a casino. The foremost problem is the issue of location for opening a casino Malaysia.
There different types of games like video poker, blackjack, baccarat, slots and many free games are available. Beside this, there are also online casinos available.