One thing most homeowners forget after purchasing the best diesel generators is to exercise their generators frequently. While this may seem surprising, the reality with generators is that failing to use the machine frequently can cause performance problems. Regular use of a generator is very important because it will keep the machine healthy for long. If a generator does not run frequently, this can cause buildup of moisture in the generator. The fuel system is also likely to degrade which will cause the generator to run poorly. If the generator does not run within 30 days, all the fuel in the generator will start to gum. The whole fuel system will therefore varnish.


Fuel varnishing is dangerous to a cummins onan diesel generator because it usually results in surging and hard staring of the generator. Surging generators do not settle at steady operating speeds. This problem can be prevented by running a diesel generator at a minimum capacity of 50% for a period of two hours at least once or twice every six weeks. This step is necessary because it will help in keeping moving parts on the generator lubricated. In addition, this step will expel excess moisture and properly insure fuel varnishing inside the carburetor. It is recommended that the diesel onan generator should be exercised for a period of two hours. It is only by exercising or running the generator frequently that will help in reducing internal condensation. The seals on the generator will also be kept clean. Exercising a generator is also important for RV generators. These generators can be exercised by running air conditioning. Generally, maintaining a generator does not have to be a complex process. As long as simple steps are followed, maintaining a generator can be cheap. A generator can be maintained in many ways and exercising or running it regularly is one way of maintaining it.