The English bulldogs are the breed considered as ancestors of the chocolate french bulldogs vancouver . They could have been brought to France by the English lace workers established in Normandy. Their French counterparts are believed to be on the lighter side of things, but with exceptionally similar characteristics as the English ones, while English bulldogs are stocky and heavy place. They're also called "Frenchies."

The Colors And Markings of the French Bulldogs A buff, thick body is covered by the short and smooth coat of a French bulldog. The colors of their coats could be numerous, but merely some blends are satisfactory in most shows. Only the dogs that are fawn or red could have masks. On some other color it is not satisfactory in organizations that are kennel or most shows. Pied and brindle are also common markings or shades on such dogs. The main colors are shaded with cream up to deep butterscotch. Shades like solid black (with no other lighter colored hairs), liver, black and tan and black and white, are disqualified in shows.. Some Problems Related to Nature and the Health of the chocolate French bulldogs Vancouver The health of the French bull dog is simply well. The dogs of this breed are, however, susceptible to health states which are related to a dog kind of hemophilia or to the thyroid gland. One other common state that occurs in French bull dogs is Brachycephalic syndrome, which is the state of getting a face that is much too flat. It usually is accompanied with a cleft palate or a soft palate. The big issue with the cleft palate state is that these dogs should be euthanized. The soft palate state leads to dogs of passing out after some labored breathing or average exercise, susceptible even without exercise. It might be dangerous to the dogs and nerve-racking to the owners whether this condition is not diagnosed in the initial phases.