Are you seeking for more visibility of your videos uploaded on YouTube platform? You want massive amount of visitors, video exposure and targeted traffic on your video channel. You need to main focus on building the audience on your channel that is known as subscribers on YouTube. An owner of the channel, main target is to gain as much audience they can on their channel so that the channel become very popular online.

Why YouTube subscribers? A subscriber is one on video channels who chosen to like and follow your YouTube channel, which means by subscribing the video a subscriber is able to stay connect with your channel with its each and every updated information and latest videos. Subscriber can become a fan, who comments, watches, as well as shares your uploaded video with other peoples this as a result increase strong subscriber base, this crates power online community. Ask for subscribers: The easiest way to begin increasing traffic of subscribers is to start asking for subscribe our videos inside your video. It is true to not to assume as your video watchers will be able to reads your mind, so in your video try to give your video visitors a compelling call to subscribe and ask them like “click on right button to subscribe your video” Use annotation: Annotations are little colorful and attractive sticky notes that are used by people to paste all around the videos after uploaded don YouTube. This tool is really used many video channel owners as it is a technique to attract people for as marketing efforts. When talk about subscribers for youtube basically two annotations are most commonly recommended for you for increasing audience views one is call to action and other one is click to action annotations both are very effective annotation and work for sure and you achieve your set target.