Greg Giraldo is an excellent standup comedian who with the fantabulous comedy skills has made the number of people to laugh. His aim of life was to become one of the most popular comedian celebrity of the world. He always wishes to make the people laugh on his comedies. It is also really very much interesting to know that how he become the most popular and commendable comedian of the world. When he was younger he saw the people in much stressed mood and feeling people too face lots of problems and get tensed and worried. That makes him to think and felt to become the popular comedian and make the people to laugh and forget all stress and tensions. This led him in becoming the comedians.

If we talk about his personal life he was born on 10 December in the year 1965. His birth place was the Bronx which is in New York City in New York in United sates. He then died in the September 29 in 2010 in New Brunswick in New Jersey United states. His profession was to be a standup comedian. Also he was a screen writer, actor and lawyer and also film producer. His nationality was United States of America. He was best known for his appearances on the Comedy Central televised roast special. He was really one of the great personalities of the world who died very soon and the numbers of people of people have cried when he died and is missing him a lot. To get more about him just refer to link . He was really one of the most talented celebrity of the world had the number of skills that makes the person to be the follower of the celebrity but no one has excepted that soon he will be saying good bye to all from this world. Till he was alive he earned the net worth of rupees 100 $ million. The Link will give more details about such a great personality.