In this article we will learn regarding How to earn money from PPD (Pay per Download) Sites. This method is extremely simple everyone who has little bit familiarity of internet can use it to Make cash Online.

Introduction to PPD (Pay per Download) Sites PPD stands for Pay per download. These are the stage or websites which gives us prospect to upload files on them for free with no any cost. And after uploading when user downloads our uploaded file, then we make money from each download. The greatest number of download better will be our income. How these PPD Platforms Works These are the most excellent stand which gives us high income per download. For use these platforms just you require to make your account on them & after creating your account, upload your file like game, software, Audio or video etc. When upload is done these platforms gives you a downloading link. Copy this link & then Paste it on your website & social networks like Facebook & Twitter etc. When a consumer click on this link & download your uploaded file then you got a little revenue from these platforms. Income starts from 0.8$ to 1$. It depends on the number of downloads and nation from where the user downloads your file. Generally, revenue is superior if your file is downloaded from European countries. Features of Pay per Download Sites The most excellent ever feature of these
get paid to upload platforms is that you can work on these websites with no any asset and also you can earn lots of cash from these platforms. You can make a free account on these websites &make money uploading your own files on them online. The second quality of these platforms is that these are genuine platforms not scam. Many people’s make an amazing amount of cash from these platforms you’re earning only depends on downloads and also several of these platforms give you income according to the size of the files.