The product isn't a an expert adviser or a forex robot. And that means you're not buying a software program that can help you trade forex or an automatic program which makes the trades for you personally. Rather, that which you're buying with forex trading videos Made what functions very well indeed with manual trading, and E Z is exceptional training stuff on Forex. I will be quite difficult to impress - maybe an I was born a skeptic. But this "old timer's" training course gets my vote!

George was a pilot made to retire at age 60. But he was a forex dealer as a personal interest the majority of his life, and he'd acquired an insight into how to trade successfully. He's got no magic bullet as he says. What he teaches are strategies, the simple rules and areas which were successful for him time and time again. In my experience, it's not only what he teaches, it's how it is taught by him. His sales page just isn't the standard hard sell I've seen for every forex robot so far - all of which make my skin creep even though their product is strong. With forex trading videos, to the pre-sales page you get to watch 3 videos 5-6 minutes long which are all produced in the past 30 days, all revealing trades being made by George. You can hear in his voice which he is about 65-70 years old, and that he loves what he really does. However he does not seem excited by it, he's a fantastic sense of calm about him. I strongly advise which you watch those 3 videos see his sales page and file your email address. Once you verify the link he first sends you, you get to download the first 5 chapters (32 pages) of his Forex Trading Made E Z PDF ebook.