Wooden engagement rings are becoming the latest trend in engagement jeweler. Some of the reasons for their popularity are because there are people with metal allergies and no metal rings are suitable for them. Some people simply like the wooden rings because of their aesthetics while for the remaining people wooden rings are solely about the creation of an object which is the capacity to bind the natural world to our fingers and encourage eco-friendly values of renewal, growth and reuse.

The rings are manufactured from ecologically conscious and responsible sources and use ethical manners for their construction. These handcrafted rings are made by a small group of trained and creative enthusiasts who strive towards making a meaningful ring for you to wear or gift to someone else. How long do wood wedding rings last? You know that metal is much more durable than wood, and therefore a metal ring would have a longer lifespan than wood wedding rings but that doesn’t mean that wooden rings will not last at all. The rings manufactured by us are made from a process which has the ability to maintain the natural structure of the wood and thereby drawing its strength from the wood grains instead of cutting it as could be seen with most other cheap wood rings. As this is a continually evolving process, it is not possible to accurately say the life expectancy of your wooden ring, but the first ever rings sold by us are still being used by the customers with proper care. How to fix your wooden ring? Our wood rings come with a tiered repair plan to fix or repair any damages caused to your ring. There are first tier, second tier, third tier and fourth tier repair plans respectively as per the condition of your ring.