If you are a person who wants to know all about this massively multiplayer online game, you can start creating your own Roblux game. In order to do it, you need to first open the Roblox Studio. This Studio will already be available for you incase you have played any Roblux game earlier. Else you would need to download the Studio before creating the game.

When you open the studio, at the welcome page you will see that you can create new games as well as open games that exist or even you are able to browse articles on Wiki. For creating a new game, you need to click on the game template. There are a variety of these templates. There are those that contain empty games, there are pre-built games in the theme templates. These pre-built games are based on specific settings and you also have different gameplay templates. These have built-in custom gameplay. Studio contains a camera which is free floating and the camera is allowed to move anywhere. All you need to do is to right click and drag the mouse. You can rotate the camera to get a 3D view; you can zoom using the scroll wheel and so much more. Focusing on the camera is also easy. When you click on a model or part, you need to press F and that will focus the camera on the selection. You can rotate the camera too. The reason why people design games in addition to the fun of creation is also that you are paid in Robux. This Free Robux or the in-game currency can be used as well as exchanged for real cash. Else Roblox hack sites can be used as these Robux hack websites can work as a Robux generator. This allows unlimited Robux.