If you are living in the New Zealand, then you might obviously know that the testosterone supplements or the medications are legal. Also due to lack of the testosterone into the males can really be very much problematic so that are number of people living in New Zealand trying to use the testosterone supplements or the medications in order to help the boost productions. But the one who is planning to undergo the testosterone therapy in New Zealand, the cost remains high for New Zealanders.

If you are living in New Zealand and noticing the signs or symptoms of having the low testosterone, then you must necessarily go for the treatments. So the diagnoses of your have confirmed or not through the blood tests. This way you can be eligible for the testosterone replacements therapy process. This particular therapy process can be in many ways administered that is including the injections, gels, pellets, or the patches. You can also receive the therapy for modifying the gender identity by giving a good physical appearances and developing the hormones. This can be for the one who is also a gender queer or the transgender and wanted to have the more of the masculine appearances. But the main thing is that the cost remains high for New Zealanders. Here are some steps to undergo the testosterone therapy- • Get your blood tested- to undergo this process, it is necessary for you to have the blood test at first, so that accordingly to the blood the decision can be taken up that whether you are eligible or not. Also how the process can be start up it yes and many more important things can be considered for this. • Discuss with the doctor- Now you have to discuss with the doctor about the treatment. Discuss about the risks involved, the pros and cons so that you can come to a conclusion of undergoing the processor not. These are some steps that can be useful for undergoing the process but the cost remains high for New Zealanders.